Pre-Event Videography - Harry's Garage/Silverstone Auctions

This video features the legendary motoring journalist Harry Metcalfe showing us his top picks of the Silverstone Auctions Classic sale.  


Documentary Videography - Tour Auto 2018  

A video showcasing the Tour Auto Rally that stretches from Paris to Nice. 


Blog Content - Toyota GB 

A great way to make a blog post popular and to boost views and shares is to include a well made video. Below such a film made for Toyota GB, some photos were also supplied by Salterns Media. 


Organisation presentation video - DK Engineering

A short video which encapsulates the quality and character of the organisation. 


Event Videography - Grange Aston Martin

An example of modern and innovative event videography, the perfect touch for attendees and a great way to attract new customers.  


Individual Car showcase - Jaguar D Type 

This video showcases a Jaguar D Type. This is the perfect way to quickly demonstrate a vehicle's potential. 


Product Demonstration - Nippon Shine car care

This video demonstrates the power of Nippon Shine cleaning products on Dream Automotive's Honda Civic Type R. Presented by Andy Liu (@Keyfobandgob).