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Listed below are all the videos from Mille Miglia 2019, including a series trailer and then a 5 part series featuring each day of the rally.

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A 3 minute video showing the highlights of the 2019 Mille Miglia. A perfect way to preview the entire mini series, this video gives a flavour of the beauty and excitement of the Mille Miglia.


Teams arrive two days before the 2019 Mille Miglia commences, this gives them time to have their cars scrutineered, displayed to the public and to have a “seal” placed around the steering column. Miro and Matus take the 166MM to the “sealing ceremony” at Piazza Vittoria in the heart of Brescia, a quintessential part of the Mille Miglia tradition.


The teams cross the start line and begin their epic journey across Italy. In this first leg participants drive from Brescia to Milano Marittima on the east coast through mostly flat terrain.


Day 2 brings a plethora of beautiful landscapes, small idyllic towns and mountainous regions with history hilltop towns and villages. The teams are treated to a sunny day which is particularly enjoyed by the drivers of the convertible cars.


Matus and Miro drive North from Rome to Bologna enjoying all that Tuscany has to offer. The undulating hills, vivid colours and tree lined horizons of Tuscany has to offer is a sight to see as the drivers go through the finest towns Tuscany has to offer such as Siena, Pistoia and Florence.


The weather turns distinctly British for the final day of the Rally. The 166MM’s wipers are running almost all day long as the teams travel from Bologna through Modena, the spiritual home of Ferrari, back up to Brescia in the rain. The 166MM finishes overall 132nd out of 500.


A full length video showcasing all of the days. From Brescia to Rome and back over the course of 4 days of intense driving.